Loskop Leisure Route

The development of tourism in the Steve Tshwete Local Municipal (STLM) area is important to the Middelburg Chamber of Commerce & Industry and we entered into a partnership with the STLM in support and development of the area.

The Loskop Leisure Route offers many local treasures and interesting history of this beautiful and clean town. In Middelburg you are at a cross roads, the one road leads to a small but charming town of Hendrina, the other leads you on to the N11 to the Loskop Nature Reserve and its beautiful surroundings, along the way you will find a couple of interesting side routes that will take you to Elandslaagte and Arnot.

The Loskop Leisure Route is rich in artists, crafts people and cultural activities and boasts a diverse history. This route is also filled with fun stops and is ideal for the outdoor people that need a break from it all. Unique to the region are the traditional Ndebele homesteads, gaily painted in bright, bold geometric designs which have become the signature of the southern Ndebele people who inhabit this part of the Highveld.

The citizens of our area are the true marvel of this region and through them you will experience the riches of the past, the triumphs of the present and the dreams of the future.

We welcome you, and we will go out of our way to make your stay a memorable one! We recommend that you visit the Middelburg Information Centre for detailed tourist info as well as bookings, advice, directions, maps and curios.

Enjoy your stay and remember to have a lot of fun!

What To Do

There are a number of interesting activities to do in Middelburg which include hiking trails, a native Ndebele tourist village and more...

Community Info

Middelburg has a thriving business community and provides a wide range of goods and services to its residents.

Middelburg Info Centre

Welcome to the Loskop Leisure Route, the name of the tourism area of the STLM, with Middelburg as the main town on the municipal area.