Middelburg Wine & Dine

The sky is the limit when you enter the Middelburg Wine and Dine competition!

As a contestant, you are responsible to cook, set the table and entertain your fellow contestants for one evening. What you do is entirely up to you, whether you braai outside or do bite-size plantings for your guests the evening is yours to play with. The only requirements are that you stay within the time limits and budget set out and yes it does have to be a three-course dinner, beyond that your faith is in the hands of your guests and how they experience the evening. But before you feel too much pressure you should know that you also get the opportunity to judge your guest when it is their turn to cook and host you!

How to enter? Simply create a video of you making your favourite dish and submit it at the Middelburg Information Centre. The video will be uploaded on our Facebook page and the videos with the most likes will then be going to the next round. Only then we will be able to see who will make it to the finals and compete for first prize.

For more information regarding sponsorship or entries feel free to contact the office on 0132432253 or email mccimarketingdep@gmail.com